September 20, 2012

Lizzie & Brad: Foxboro Ranch Wedding Photographer


A few years ago I got a Twitter account and through tweeting I met a handful of amazing young photographers, over the years a few of us have been able to meet in person and every time I am amazed by how technology brings people from across the country together. Last summer, Lizzie, one of those twitter friends, was coming to California with her family to escape the Arizona heat and since her boyfriend Brad was coming along and at the time they didn’t have too many professional pictures together and since they love Disneyland Lizzie got in touch with me and asked if we could get together for a portrait session at Disneyland. No big deal. Except, a few days before their portrait session I get a text from Lizzie that said something like: BRAD PROPOSED!!!!!!! I guess our portrait session just turned in to an ENGAGEMENT session!!

Hello pressure!!! ;]

When I came home from their engagement session a few of my friends started talking to me about how cool it would be if I booked their wedding, because, obviously, I’d get to travel to Arizona for it, and we ALL know how much I love to travel. I quickly corrected them: No way. I know some of the amazing talent Lizzy has local to her, and to imagine myself in that league was still kind of crazy… I mean You hire photographer friends to shoot your engagement session, you hire a real photographer to shoot your wedding There was no way I was heading to Arizona.

Except, just days after I delivered Lizzie & Brad their engagement photos, Lizzie emailed me asking to be her wedding photographer. That was one of the first moments I felt like I was a real photographer. And a little over a year after their engagement session I went on an amazing turn around road trip to Flagstaff Arizona to join these two for their wedding. Wow, talk about dreams coming true.

I tried really hard to fit all of their images in to one blog post… but then I couldn’t narrow them under 90, and I know I blog a lot of images, but really there needs to be a line somewhere. ;] So come back tomorrow for part 2 of their wedding and I’ll tell you all about how their day unfolded. ♥

Everyone got ready at this beautiful house just a few blocks away from downtown Flagstaff.

Lizzie was ALL smiles all day long!

I was obsessed with this old phone. Obsessed!

Lizzie & Brad decided to see each other before the ceremony, which I love! Because they saw each other we had SO much time for their portraits!!! Seriously, almost 2 HOURS! Talk about dream couple. ;]

The ceremony and reception was held 20 minutes down the highway at Foxboro Ranch, it was GORGEOUS!

The weather was threatening us with storms all day, so there was a back up plan for the back up plan but Lizzie put up a protective weather bubble all over the property and we didn’t get rained on at all, meaning they got to keep the ceremony outside! 😀

Lizzie was so nervous during the ceremony it was adorable, in the middle she asked if she could read her vows first because she just wanted to get it over with. I would so do that!! ;]

They’re married now!!! 😀

Check back tomorrow and you can see their brial portraits and reception details. 😀

  1. Melissa Jill

    October 23rd, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Love them! Especially that last portrait with the veil! You’re gorgeous Lizzie!!



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