September 21, 2012

Lizzie & Brad: Foxboro Ranch Wedding Photographer


Nothing I could write could top Lizzie’s ultimate wedding day post she blogged a couple days ago on her personal blog. But I will try. ;]

The day started when I was unloading equipment from the back of my rental car and from inside the house where Lizzie was getting ready I heard her yell, “STACEE!!!!!!!!” through the window. In that moment, 98% of my nerves vanished and I knew everything about their wedding day was going to be perfect. I love being able to photograph friends. Love it.

I think the best part about their day was how relaxed Lizzie & Brad were, there was never a moment where the took the wedding too seriously, their day was so much more about celebrating a marriage with their family and close friends. The looming thunderstorms didn’t matter, doing things 100% traditionally didn’t matter, the only thing that really mattered in the moment was Lizzie and Brad being together. That is the best.

I drove from LA to Flagstaff the day before the wedding with my amazing crew, Lizzy my 2nd shooter and Alexis my assistant, about the last hour before we got into Flagstaff just as the sun was setting we started to see amazing yellow flowers everywhere off the highway. I was in wildflower heaven! I told Lizzy and Alexis that I hoped Lizzie and Brad would be up for finding some yellow flowers to shoot in because I REALLY wanted to use them! Turns out, Lizzie did too. I have the best clients. ;]

Looking at the sunshine you totally can’t tell here, but as we were walking back to the car from this point Lizzie’s brother in law drove on to the Foxboro property and said in the 20 minute drive from Flagstaff he drove through hail.

I am born & raised in Southern California… nothing here looks like this. I totally love it!! I really want to go back to Flagstaff!

As we were wrapping up the bridal portraits we decided to take some at the ceremony site, because you could see the clouds in the distance and hear the thunder and it seemed like it would be just minutes before the skies opened up and poured and we moved the ceremony inside. Thankfully, that didn’t happen!! And it didn’t rain one drop on the property the whole time we were there!

Brad is an air traffic controller, so each table was named after their local airports.

They decided not to have a traditional wedding reception because dancing and the club scene is just not them, instead they set up an iPod with music and had a table with a bunch of games for their guests to play. LOVE it!!

I love this photo because it gives off the total vibe of their wedding day. Never too busy to stop and enjoy the day.

Lizzie & Brad, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day. I had the BEST time!! Congratulations on your marriage and I know you will have the happiest of lives together. Love you both!! ♥

  1. Allison

    September 21st, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! Stacee I’m so glad I finally got to meet you in person and that you got to share the day with us! Lizzie made the perfect choice in hiring you.



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