September 6, 2012

Carolina & Rito: Hermosa Beach Wedding Photographer


I’m sure you remember Carolina & Rito from their adorable engagement session, and if you don’t you should definitely click that link! I *really* love these two and I love that their wedding day was a complete reflection of them. Their friends and family completely surrounded them throughout the day smiling with them laughing with them and crying with them. ♥

My favorite thing about Carolina and Rito is how they fit together perfectly, whenever they’re in front of the camera together they melt in to each other, completely ignore me, and just enjoy each other. That’s what I want all of my clients to be able to do. ♥

Carolina & Rito, I have enjoyed every minute I’ve worked with you. You are genuine and amazing, congratulations again!!

Carolina made all of these. Amazing!!

LOVE this!!

Carolina is always smiling, seriously. I love her.

We made our way to Downtown Hermosa Beach for their bridal portraits, I love all the different spots we were able to find just by walking around the block!!

These next few images show just how fantastic Carolina & Rito are, their reception had already started when I noticed how AMAZING the sunset was, so I asked them to sneak out for 5 minutes just to get some shots with the sunset behind them and they were 100% for it! Amazing.

They did their toasts with Starbucks cups, which I love! AND! The cake doubled as the guests wedding favors, not only that, but Carolina made all of the cakes the day before the wedding!! She is seriously amazing.

  1. Katie

    September 6th, 2012 at 10:08 am

    When I was reading this post, the thought kept replaying in my mind: this is what you were born to do. You were completely made to be this amazing brilliant photographer. I’ve watched your photography just take off by leaps and bounds. You’re so incredibly talented, your lighting and technique is brilliant, and you’re just so perfect for this. You’re giving people such a gift with your talent. I’m so proud of you, and that you are my friend. You’re destined for incredible success and stardom. I can’t wait to watch it happen. xoxo



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