February 21, 2012

McKenna & Ben: Pasadena Maternity Photographer


I know I’ve said a thousand times, but I don’t care, I’ll gladly keep sounding like a broken record. ;] I think maternity sessions are so special. The first session I ever photographed was a maternity session, looking back it was kind of a nightmare [and the images are pretty horrendous] but every maternity session I photograph reminds me of where I came from. Not to mention, pregnancy is basically a miracle, a teeny tiny baby depends solely on on his or her mom for 9 months… how could you not want to document a time in your life when you are literally as close to your baby as you will ever be?

Anyway, enough of my opinions ;]

I met McKenna through an amazing online community called Pursuit 31. When she posted in our local group asking about maternity photos I jumped on the chance to get her and her hubby in front of my camera. I’m sure you haven’t noticed that maternity sessions are something I’m really passionate about. hahaha! We met in Pasadena last week and as nerve wracking as it is to have another photographer in front of my camera it was nice to get to know someone in person after knowing them online for a few months. :] And, I’m super excited to share these because they were taken in kind of the prettiest light ever!!

McKenna & Ben grew up in the same church together and after years of being friends they looked around one day and realized they’d fallen seamlessly into a relationship. They’ve been married for 3 years now and in a few weeks they’ll be welcoming a baby boy to their adorable little family.

Favorite. Favorite. Faaaavorite!!!

McKenna knit this airplane! For reals! It’s going to be part of their future baby boy’s nursery mobile.

Oh the sun, I just about died right here.

We drove up the road did a quick outfit change and shot a few more frames before the sun was completely gone, brick walls kind of make me swoon as much as good light. I’m sure all of the internet has now realized it doesn’t take much to make me happy ;]

  1. Lizzie Kimball

    February 21st, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    These are amazing Stacee! BEAUTIFUL light!! Ahhh!



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