March 12, 2012

Kalai & Jonathan: San Pedro Maternity Photographer


Not many people are very fond of Monday [myself included!] and I’m fairly certain I’ll be getting massive amounts of hate mail just mentioning the time change… but, I’m going to say it anyway: even with the loss of an hour sleep I adore daylight savings!! I am SO excited for longer days! The idea that I get to watch the sunset as I drive home from the day job tonight makes me giddy [it also highly increases the chances I’ll get in a car accident… but I still consider it worth it.] So if you’re having a hard time today with the missed hour and an over all case of the Mondays let me encourage you that Summer is almost here! 😀

On that note, let me introduce you to an adorable couple I had the pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago. [Don’t be fooled, even though it looks sunny, warm and summer-like it was actually FREEZING!] Kalai, how pretty is her name?!, and Jonathan are expecting a tiny baby boy to arrive in just about a month and I am SO happy they decided to have maternity photos done, because everyone knows how I feel about maternity photos ;] I also love that they decided to stay close to home for their session. It makes me smile that every time they drive by the places we shot they’ll be able to remember their shoot and the smiles and laughs and pre baby days they shared together. <3
Kalai is for reals gorgeous!

Nose crinkling laughs are my favorite. ♥

We ended the session down at the beach where Jonathan’s dad used to surf.

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