April 6, 2018

Arizona // Travel Photography


Arizona Travel Photography // In my last blog post I told you about Rachael & Chris and how awesome they are for waking up early to get the best light for their engagement session. Now I have to brag on my friend Alexis.

I often drag her along on crazy adventures when I have to work. We’ve ended up having some pretty fun times going to New York, she joined me on my first trip to San Francisco, a turn around trip to Vegas, Sacramento, road tripping from Colorado to South Dakota for my cousin’s engagement session last summer– that’s on my list to blog! We’ve kind of been all over the place because I get to work all over the place. It’s awesome.

But often ALL times I turn in to a crazy person on trips because I look at vacations as a chance to see all the things, do all the things and TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS! It’s really insane. I always come back from vacations more exhausted than I ever am in real life.

And I drag Alexis along on all my crazy.

Sorry not sorry. 😉 But maybe I’m a little sorry. 

When I knew I was going to be able to go to Arizona for an engagement session I was like ok. We’ll land after midnight and then wake up super early and drive 3 hours to go see this thing and then drive back 3 hours to our hotel. Then we’ll wake up at sunrise for a shoot and explore somewhere else and then drive 3 hours to a different city and then fly home from a different airport because I’m that crazy.

I have 3 days? I’m going to see every part of Arizona humanly possible.

So that’s what we did.

Day 1

Our flight out of LAX was delayed… typical. So we didn’t land in Phoenix until after midnight and when all was said and done we didn’t get to our hotel until 2am. Then I made us wake up early to drive 3 hours North to Sedona. I’m the worst. But it was also worth it. 

Day 2

Was Rachael & Chris’s engagement session day! Which means we were up well before sunrise. But again, in my opinion, totally worth it. Seeing Lost Dutchman State Park as the sun rose was quite possibly my favorite thing this trip. After the engagement session we stopped by Camelback Ranch to see a little bit of the Dodgers spring training. Then we headed South to Tucson.

Day 3

This is where I enter worst friend ever territory because after the amazing sunrise at Lost Dutchman State Park I wanted epic sunrise photos at Saguaro National Park so again with the awake well before sunrise. Don’t travel with me. You’ll regret it. 😉 

Saguaro National Park has 2 sides, East and West. We went to the West side for sunrise and I wanted to go to the East side for sunset. So we had a day to fill in-between. So we went to Downtown Tucson to check out the Congress Hotel, unfortunately it was not pouring rain. But it was sprinkling! We filled the rest of our day by driving another million miles to check out some caves that we didn’t actually go in and then walking through Tombstone, AZ. 

Then on to Saguaro National Park East

And then of course to end my terrible trip of early morning alarms we had to be up and at the Tucson airport to fly home before the sun rose on Monday morning. Why Alexis ever does anything with me I do not know. hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little peek into my Arizona travels! You can check out more of my regular work here and here. If you love adventures, laughing too loud and apparently waking up before sunrise and you’re looking for a photographer I would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me a note by filling out my contact form here.

  1. Alexis

    April 6th, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Pshhh… I never laugh harder than when we’re on adventures. <3



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